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25-Year Cold Layover System Saves You Money!

GreenGo Roofing offers a cold roof layover system–a roofing technology designed to minimize heat transfer from the roof to the attic space or the top floor of a building. Ask us about how our 25-year cold roof layover can save you money!

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Why Choose Our 25-Year Cold Layover System?

GreenGo Roofing offers a specialized solution for flat roofs, the 25-Year Cold Roof Poly-Coat System. This innovative system offers a quadruple layer of defense. Beginning with a high-grade resinous sealant, the first layer is thoroughly applied to the roof’s surface to ensure deep saturation and immediate sealing of the roofing substrate. Following this is a layer of stitch-bond polyester fabric, enhancing the roof’s strength and flexibility. A further layer of resin-rich sealant is applied, fully bonding to the roof and enveloping the structure to establish a watertight shield. The final touch is a reflective elastomeric roof coating, significantly increasing the roof’s longevity, durability, and energy efficiency. This system is adept at withstanding damage from hail, potent winds, and extreme weather conditions, providing reliable protection against leaks and cracks. Choose GreenGo Roofing’s Poly-Coat System for an extensive enhancement in your roof’s life expectancy, ranging from 25 to 40 years, or select it for a complete restoration to bolster your roof’s ecosystem against the intense Arizona climate.

Our Achievements

Family Owned & Operated

GreenGo Roofing is a family-owned and operated roofing company based in Tucson, Arizona, known for its commitment to quality and sustainability. Lance Leytem, the owner, has built a reputation for expertise in roof coatings and layovers, providing tailored solutions that extend the life of roofs while enhancing their efficiency and aesthetic appeal. GreenGo Roofing employs highly skilled professionals who are well-versed in the latest roofing techniques and materials.

Building the future

Our Expertise

A flat white rooftop, featuring a sleek roof layover, sits in a sunny location. In the background, additional buildings share a similar architectural style, with mountains visible on the horizon under a clear blue sky.

Roof Layover

We offer a practical and budget-friendly solution: roof overlay services. A roof layover allows you to enhance the durability and resilience of your existing roof without the need for a complete teardown.
A rooftop in the process of being waterproofed. A large sheet of Polyglass roofing membrane is partially unrolled on the surface, next to a bucket and more materials for the tear-off replacement. The roof shows a blue primer layer and surrounding area with construction tools and bricks.

Tear-Off and Replacement

A sturdy roof above your head is not just about shelter; it’s a cornerstone of your home’s structural integrity and overall value. I’m here to explain the essential reasons for replacing your roof at the appropriate time.
A rooftop with two rectangular dome-shaped skylights showcases precise skylight installation. The flat roof, covered with a light-colored material, features these aligned and slightly elevated skylights, set against a backdrop of a brick structure.

Skylight Installation & Repair

Our mission is to ensure that every skylight we install or repair not only brightens your living space but also complements your home’s architectural beauty, all while providing a leak-free experience.
View of a flat-roofed, beige building with white roofing material and a stucco overlay, set against a backdrop of red tile rooftops, green foliage, and a rocky mountain under a partly cloudy sky. Some wires are visible on the roof, intermittently crossing the scene.

Stucco Parapet & Roof Overlay

We strive to rejuvenate your stucco roof and enhance its original charm and strength. We take pride in offering repairs that revive your home’s aesthetic appeal and reinforce its defense against the natural elements.

25-Year Cold Roof Layover System

GreenGo Roofing’s Eco-Friendly Offering 

Serving Tucson and Southern Arizona.

We believe in sustainability.

Discover GreenGo Roofing’s Eco System, a transformative solution that revitalizes your aging flat roof, extending its lifespan from 25 to 40 years. Imagine it as your home’s fountain of youth—an economical “facelift” that refreshes without the hefty costs associated with a complete roof overhaul. GreenGo Roofing is one of the few dual-licensed companies in the Southwest that specialize in roof and stucco repairs.

Are you considering a comprehensive makeover for your roof and stucco?

Our Eco-Systems are expertly tailored for flat roofs and incorporate specialized treatments for stucco exteriors, ensuring durability and enhanced appearance above the roofline.

Not just one more roofing company

What sets GreenGo Roofing Apart?

Sure, you might say we’re just one more roofing company in Arizona.

But here’s the thing – we’re not.

We’re that friendly neighbor who helps you out, the family man who understands your needs, and the expert who doesn’t rip you off.

We specialize in creating eco-friendly, long-lasting roofing solutions that offer the best bang for your buck.

Our close relationship with Homeowners Associations (HOAs) across the southeast corner of Arizona means we’re not just approved, we’re recommended!

And the best part? We’re as meticulous with our services.

Eco-Friendly Commitment

Exceptional Quality and Craftmanship

We’re more than a roofing company; we’re advocates for a greener planet. From sourcing eco-friendly materials like polyester fabric to employing energy-efficient practices, every aspect of our work is guided by our commitment to sustainability. With GreenGo Roofing, your roof contributes positively to the environment.


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Excellent Service

Outstanding Service

Lance was hardworking, responsive and honest. He went above and beyond the scope of the job. Did a great job at a reasonable price. Highly recommended!
Barney M.

Professional Service

Amazing Work

Lance and his team (mostly Lance) did a great job on the roof. He was on-time and considerate. The roof looks good and with a lot of rain since he finished, we have no problems.

Lorem M.

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