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Hi. My name is Lance Leytem, owner of GreenGo Roofing. As the owner of Tucson-based GreenGo Roofing, I’m proud to state our company strives to be a leader in environmentally conscious roofing solutions. This initiative is not just a service but a drive to green building practices and the betterment of our local community. Our innovative approach is embodied in the 25-Year Cold Roof Layover System, a low-environmental impact offering that underscores our commitment to eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient products and community welfare.

Our Eco-Friendly strategy repurposes existing roofing structures. By adding new, high-quality layers instead of disposing of the old, we’ve curtailed the cost of materials and labor, translating into significant financial relief for property owners. This approach has also led to the reduction of substantial waste from landfills, reinforcing our role in the conservation of our environment.

The essence of the GreenGo Roofing “Eco-System” lies in its fusion of ecological responsibility with human-centric design. We’ve engineered a roofing solution that stands resolute against the elements while simultaneously reflecting sunlight, drastically reducing cooling costs for buildings. This energy-efficient innovation not only enhances insulation but also plays a critical role in mitigating Tucson’s urban heat island effect, thus supporting our city’s environmental objectives.

Our ethos is straightforward and powerful: GreenGo Roofing goes beyond the traditional scope of roofing. We’re committed to furnishing the community with sustainable, renewable roofing options that are specifically tailored to the demands of Tucson’s unique climatic conditions. We cater to a diverse clientele, including residential homes and local businesses, all while nurturing the ethos of sustainability.

GreenGo Roofing’s brand image is a direct mirror of our deeply held values: a profound connection to community, a commitment to family, a responsibility towards our shared environment, and the delivery of sustainable roofing systems.

GreenGo Roofing represents a movement towards a collective goal—a commitment to safeguarding our homes, our natural surroundings, and our collective future. As the city of Tucson gazes forward, GreenGo Roofing will be there, laying the groundwork for a brighter, greener tomorrow.

GreenGo Roofing - The Eco-Friendly Roofing Company

25-Year Cold Roof Layover System