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Tile Roof Repair Services

With decades of experience, my team and I have cultivated a deep appreciation for the roofing trade, especially with tile roofs that adorn many of the homes in Tucson and southern Arizona. Ensuring these roofs remain pristine is not just our job; it’s our passion. Our tile roof repair services encompass a wide array of fixes, each designed to address specific issues and preserve the beauty and functionality of your roof.

Identifying the Problem: The Foundation of Effective Repairs

It all starts with diagnosis. Our seasoned team arrives at your property equipped with the tools and knowledge to conduct a detailed assessment. We inspect each tile, the underlying structure, and the components that keep your roof intact. Utilizing techniques ranging from manual inspections to advanced imaging, we ensure no flaw, no matter how hidden, goes unnoticed.

Providing a Detailed Estimate

Once we’ve identified the issues, we provide a detailed estimate. This document lays out the necessary repairs, the projected costs, and the timeline for completion. Transparency is critical in this phase, as we want you to fully understand what the repair entails and the value it brings to your home.

Workers are seen installing tiled roofing on a house. The roof is covered with stacked rows of brown tiles ready for placement. In the background, there are trees and a glimpse of a road. The sky is clear, indicating a sunny day.

Types of Tile Repairs.

Here’s how we address the most common tile roof repairs:

1. Cracked or Broken Tile Replacement:

We begin by assessing the extent of the damage. Tiles are carefully extracted to avoid damage to neighboring tiles. We then source tiles that match your roof in color, shape, and material, ensuring that new tiles blend in undetectably with the old ones, preserving the aesthetic integrity of your roof; however, it is common for outdated tiles to no longer be manufactured.

2. Rebedding Ridge Caps:

Ridge caps are vital for the structural integrity of the roof. We strip the old bedding, clean the area thoroughly, and lay down a new mortar bed. The ridge caps are then securely reseated onto this fresh mortar, which is shaped to provide a clean, sharp, strong, and weather-resistant finish. (Hip and Ridge enclosure)

3. Flashing Repairs:

Flashing is critical for preventing water ingress. If damaged, we meticulously remove and replace it, choosing materials that offer the best protection and longevity. We ensure a perfect fit to the contours of your roof, effectively sealing it against leaks.

4. Valley Metal Replacement:

The valleys of your roof endure a lot of water flow, which can lead to rust and deterioration. We remove the old valley metal and install new ones, paying close attention to ensure they are perfectly integrated into the roof system for optimal water flow.

5. Tile Roof Leak Repair:

Detecting leaks requires a keen eye and experience. We inspect meticulously, sometimes using water tests or thermal imaging to locate the source. Once found, we execute the appropriate repairs, from tile replacement to underlayment repairs, ensuring your home stays dry.

6. Maintenance Cleaning:

Accumulated debris can lead to moisture problems. We thoroughly clean your tiles, clearing moss, lichen, and any blockages in the gutters, extending the life of your roof and preventing water damage.

7. Underlayment Repair:

The underlayment is your roof’s unseen protector. If it is compromised, we strip the section of tiles and replace the underlayment material with new, high-quality alternatives that offer superior water resistance and breathability.

8. Ventilation Enhancement:

Adequate ventilation prevents the build-up of heat and moisture. We assess and improve your roof’s ventilation by adding or repairing vents to ensure air flows freely, mitigating potential damage from trapped moisture or excessive heat.

9. Structural Repair:

Should the structure that supports your tiles be damaged by rot, termites, or overloading, we address these issues by reinforcing or replacing beams, joists, or trusses, thus ensuring that the load of your tile roof is adequately supported.

10. Tile Roof Sealing:

To further protect your tiles from the elements, we apply a high-grade sealant that extends their lifespan by protecting them from moisture and can provide a barrier against dirt and pollutants, keeping your roof cleaner for longer.

A roof under repair with removed tiles, exposing wooden slats and beams. There are some debris and materials scattered on the surface. A partially burnt area is visible near the top center of the roof.
A roof under construction with oriented strand board (OSB) panels laid out on the surface. Metal roof jacks and some roofing tiles are visible on the sides. Green markings and lines are visible on the plywood sheets, indicating future cuts or placements.
A rooftop under renovation, with tiles removed and laid around the edges. The roof decking is exposed and lined with waterproofing material. Wooden battens are spaced evenly across the roof, and tools and materials can be seen near the top.

Gxecution: Precision and Care

We commence the repairs with your approval, approaching each task with unmatched precision and care. Our team’s skills are matched by their attention to detail and dedication to using only the highest quality materials. Each step is completed with an understanding that the longevity and performance of your roof are in our hands.

A view of a residential rooftop featuring neatly arranged brown clay tiles. Several empty water bottles are scattered on the roof. In the background, another house with similar roofing and some green shrubs are visible.

Follow-Up: Ensuring Satisfaction and Quality

After the repairs, we remain at your service. Completing a job marks the beginning of our ongoing commitment to you. We conduct follow-up checks to ensure the repairs meet the industry’s high standards and exceed your expectations.

Assurance: A Promise of Quality

We stand behind our work with a pledge of quality. Our follow-up service is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that we are just as invested in the enduring quality of your roof as you are. Our goal is that each client rests easy under a GreenGo Roofing, confident in its ability to protect and endure.

In my role at GreenGo Roofing, Lance Leytem, I assure you that from the first inspection to the final follow-up, our team is dedicated to upholding the integrity and beauty of your tile roof. We invite you to experience the peace of mind that comes with our comprehensive tile repair services. Contact us for your roofing needs and join a community of homeowners who trust our promise and quality.

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