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25-Year Cold Roof Poly-Coat System

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Cold Roof Poly-Coat System

We offer a superior solution with our 25-year Cold Roof Poly-Coat System. This system extends the life of roofs and enhances their weather resistance and thermal efficiency.

Materials Required 

We select only the finest materials for its 25-year Cold Roof Poly-Coat Systems, ensuring each component contributes to a superior roofing solution. The cornerstone of this system is a high-performance polymeric coating specifically formulated to withstand adverse weather conditions, block harmful UV rays, and repel moisture effectively. This eco-friendly coating provides a durable shield that extends the roof’s lifespan and enhances its functionality. 

In addition to the primary polymeric coating, we specially developed base coat materials that serve as the initial layer of defense against environmental elements. These base coats are designed to optimize adhesion between the roof’s surface and the subsequent layers, creating a robust foundation for the entire system. 

Reinforcement is crucial for maintaining structural integrity and durability. We incorporate a high-strength reinforcement mesh in the coating system to address this. This mesh is embedded between polymeric coating layers to provide additional tensile strength and resilience, protecting the roof from physical stresses and potential damage. 

We provide all necessary tools and equipment to ensure that the application process is as effective as it is safe. This includes brushes, rollers, or sprayers specifically chosen to deliver a smooth, even coating. Safety gear, such as gloves, goggles, and protective clothing, is also supplied to safeguard installers against potential hazards during application.

Inspection and Repair 

The initial step in the surface preparation process involves a comprehensive roof inspection. Our trained professionals examine the roof to identify any signs of damage or wear, such as cracks, blisters, or moisture infiltration. Each identified issue is carefully addressed and repaired using materials that complement the existing roof structure. This ensures that the surface is structurally sound and free from defects that could undermine the effectiveness of the coating system. 

Surface Cleaning Preparation 

Adequate surface preparation is fundamental to the success and longevity of GreenGo Roofing’s 25-year Cold Roof Poly-Coat System. GreenGo Roofing undertakes a rigorous pressure-washing process to ensure the roof surface is ideally conditioned for coating application. 

Primer Application 

Once the roof is clean and dry, a specialized primer is applied. This primer is specifically formulated to enhance the bond between the roof material and the polymeric coating. By creating an intermediary layer that promotes adhesion, the primer ensures that the subsequent layers of the coating system will adhere securely, providing an optimal foundation for the polymer-coat system. 

Drying and Curing 

Our experts monitor the drying and curing phases closely. These phases are crucial for the system’s effectiveness and depend mainly on environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. We ensure that the coating has adequately cured before deeming the project complete. 

Quality Assurance and Testing 

GreenGo Roofing conducts rigorous testing to ensure each coating layer adheres appropriately and maintains the correct thickness. The team performs regular inspections to identify and rectify imperfections such as bubbles or pinholes, ensuring a uniform and durable coat.

Maintenance and Upkeep 

To preserve the integrity of the coating, we recommend a regular inspection and maintenance schedule. The company guides proper cleaning techniques and products to avoid damaging the coat. GreenGo offers prompt and effective services for necessary repairs or touch-ups to ensure the roof remains in top condition. 

Warranty and Service Information 

GreenGo Roofing is behind its 25-year Cold Roof Poly-Coat System with a comprehensive material and labor warranty. Clients are provided with detailed warranty documents outlining the coverage, service contacts for maintenance or warranty claims, and transparent information on warranty conditions and exclusions. 

Getting Started with GreenGo Roofing 

Our 25-year Cold Roof Poly-Coat System is an exemplary choice for property owners seeking a long-lasting, protective roofing solution. With its comprehensive service package, meticulous application, dedicated maintenance, and robust warranty, GreenGo ensures that every roof is well-equipped to withstand the elements and provide optimal performance for years.

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